Friday March 5th

I have a collection of work to do for an exhibition at the end of this month. Can I even get started! I have numerous ideas in my head, some have even got as far as being a scribble somewhere, yet somehow I manage to find plenty of other things to do instead. The task isn’t going to be that difficult, I have faith in my abilities, but…….

How do you deal with your creative blocks? I have kamagra online pharmacy always worked well under pressure (I spent many years working on newspapers) and when a deadline is looming I manage to pull out all the stops, but at the moment, yuk!

So the answer is to stop fretting about it and ‘trust in the process of life’ because all that needs to be done, will be done, and in time. Phew, that’s such a relief. Must be time for an ‘apero’ as a reward for resolving that little ‘worry bead’.