Le Weekend

Endeavouring to do something else other than work at the weekend!

Yesterday went with a couple of friends to purchase a specific wine that they wanted to take back to England for a special occasion. The weather was so glorious that we continued to to the seaside ,St Cyprian and stopped for a light lunch before continuing to………………you know where, just south of the border to do a little shopping in Spain. Well we were so close it seemed rude not to. I was desperate for some olive oil and a bottle of ‘Old Lady’s Gin’ seemed quite apt. I’m surprised no one has produced a gin with the label of  ‘Mother’s kamagra online australia Ruin’

I had a few inspirational moments on the journey looking at a row of parasol pine trees, all linked together at the top, made rather an interesting silhouette. I’ll have a scribble.

Sunday involved a trip to a local ‘vide grenier’ where I just had to by some delicious old books with marble paper covers for only one euro each. Especially as the lady selling them was our very own butcher’s wife, Nadine. They will make a very elegant decorative detail somewhere. Perhaps I should start buying such goodies to ship back to dear old England. Hmm…… I can feel an opportunity coming on!