Wretched Peonies and Gangly Giraffes

One of my regular ladies fancied having a go at painting this flower (left) . Admittedly it was copied from a book ( not encouraged as a rule ) but it gave her the chance to try some different techniques.

However, as she’d been away the project had dragged on a bit, so it became known as the ‘wretched peony’! Anyway she finished it on Friday, so something new next week.

Another is painting a very beautiful, misty scene of  Azay-le-Rideau. Working buy accutane online from a photograph, she tweaked the composition to push the château further away, creating a dreamlike scene. Very faintly, she is gradually building the colours, working backwards and forwards, to make sure the values work .

Then we have a painting of a much loved wooden sculpture. Fascinated by the shapes and the colours, the giraffes took quite a while getting onto the paper, as the shapes were somewhat challenging. Coming on nicely.

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