Crickets and Cabarets

After a cloudy start today, the sun decided to make an appearance just before lunch.

I’d like to be able to report that I have been very busy working on new paintings for an exhibition which is fast approaching. But I can’t. Instead I have been doing a ‘shabby chic’ paint job on a chest of drawers. Well it is painting!

Popped out onto my terrace to water a couple of plants and spotted this little fellow. He is about three centimetres long. Not the biggest I’ve cheap kamagra pills seen, I had one which was about five centimetres long. Now I’m awaiting the return of the Praying Mantis, now they are really spooky.

Words of wisdom for today? Trust in the process of life. Not always easy, but today was a day where that was very applicable.

Nothing to do with anything, but watched ‘Cabaret’ last night. Somehow it got past my radar when it came out. Creative candy for the eyes, colours, make-up, theatrical excess, very carnival. Hmm, can I feel a body of work coming on!