Albi – Big Catherdral – Small Artist

I visited Albi in the Tarn for the first time recently and it was worth the two hour journey, not just for the destination but also for the countryside en route.

After about an hour I became aware that the countryside had changed significantly and I could almost have been in England. Gone were the vineyards and the Plane trees to be replaced by rolling fields containing sheep and cows.

Albi itself was a delight. Home to the largest brick bulit building in the world, the catherdral stands in a square and dwarfs all that surrounds it. What it doesn’t offer in beauty it makes up for in size. It is a statement that Albi and it’s population were not to be messed with. Inside it is a painted extravaganza that took a team of Italian artist four years to paint.

Albi is also the birthplace of the artist Toulouse-Lautrec, best known for his association kamagra pharmacy with ‘Le Moulin Rouge’ in Paris. What he didn’t have in physical stature he made up for in the exaggerated, almost cartoon characteristics of his studies of the dancers, restaurateurs  and prostitutes of Paris. Then again, maybe because of what some would call his physical ‘short comings’ , sorry, he had a different view on life and what he saw.

He also produced some small landscapes and portraits and other subjects that do not quickly spring to mind. Mind you, I was struck by some of the pictures which were not very good at all! Imagine what he would be thinking. ‘ Oh no, zay av gone through my atelier and shown some of zee stuff I woz going to paint over. Zut alors’ So bear that in mind should you become famous and your work is exhibited after you’ve popped off. Have a clear out before you go.