Perfect weather, sketching painting and company

It was the perfect day for a ‘Painting Day Out’ in my village Quarante. A clear blue sky, a light breeze and plenty of painting inspiration to be found in the square.

I had five enthusiastic ladies eager to make a start on something new. One was one of my regular students but the other four had barely done anything of this nature since school days.

So after coffee and a chat and a few words of reassurance from me it was off out into the square to select something they would like to turn into a painting. Two of them picked the same spot (mainly because they were sitting by an most amazingly fragrant jasmine ) but also because they were attracted by some steps with pots and railings. The perspective proved to be a bit of a challenge though.

One opted for the side of the Abbey building, all together far to many bricks, and she was glad she had only chosen to do the lower filled in archway and not include the long window, which had been her first thought. Linda said, ‘ I never thought I would be able to achieve so much in one day. I definitely want doxycycline to pursue this as a pastime. I thought I’d never know where to start but you’ve helped me to see things differently and suddenly it’s not so overwhelming’.

Another thought a lantern would be quite simple. Oh no! That gremlin ‘perspective’ kept giving her the slip, but back in the studio when it came to painting things started to come together. Finally, Shirley disappeared down the other side of the village for a colourful street scene

Jo produced a super working sketch and went onto to start a painting showing great promise and is looking forward to joining one of my regular classes.

So it looks as if a fun painting day has given a great deal of pleasure and has made me think about making it a regular event. So look out for the next ‘Painting Day Out’ by keeping an eye on my site.

Perspective kept rearing it’s ugly head, so I will be putting together a day devoted to master something that we live with every day, but which seems to confound many a budding artist.

Now I’m off to do some painting myself. This time the railings at my front window, but more of that later.