The Amazing Cushion Cat

Painting inspiration from a little English Country Garden in a corner of the Languedoc and a picture of the Amazing Cushion Cat.

My Belle Blog on this site was always meant to have links to art and other creative stuff. So this one is a bit tenuous, the inspirational garden is really an excuse to post this photo of a rather large cat. Yesterday I enjoyed a delightful lunch with some dear friends sitting in one of the prettiest gardens you’ll find outside England. 

They have a cat called Poppy, or Pops for short. When she it sitting up she resembles one of those doorstops, a sort of triangular fabric bag filled with sand. When she is lying down as here, she looks more like a cushion and when she sits on your lap you know about it. I tried to pick her up once and nearly ended up falling over with my nose on the carpet! Bless the little tinker. Thanks for lunch you two and love to Pops.