Daniel Maffia and Painting Inspiration

Last week  I was fortunate enough to meet the artist Daniel Maffia.

I was tutoring on a painting holiday near the hilltop village of Joucas where he spends some of his time and was invited, along with my hosts to have ‘aperos’ at his beautiful home and to see some of his magnificent work.

I have been having a love affair with water colour paints for number of years but for some time I have been nurturing the idea of returning to oil paints with a style that is more akin to realism than that which I work in now.

When I saw some of his large canvasses I was once again struck by the vivid colours and brilliance that only oil paints seem to provide. You might disagree, but these large canvasses filled my head with the smell of linseed oil, glazes and reflections, full of fantastic dappled shade and the warmth of the Provencal sunshine. Thanks Mary and Daniel for a super evening and the inspiration to remind me of that other beautiful painted world.

Below is one of his paintings which I have lifted from the Hamon Gallery site.

More about the Painting Holiday tomorrow.