Happy Painters all in a Row

Painting a view in the garden.
Painting a view in the garden.

The painting holiday last week was not only a great success with everyone learning something new and producing some good work,  it was also fun, fun, fun!

Maybe it is the artistic spirit, but everyone always seems to get on with each other and are happy to swap ideas and infromation and are without exception enouraging and complimentary about each other’s work.

We started the week with a little gentle sketching to get everyone warmed up, and then we moved onto paints. I start each new section with a demonstration to show buy cheap propecia them how to get the best from their equipment. It’s surprising how many different effects you can get with one pencil or one brush. It’s just knowing how. I often say, ‘let the brush do the work for you’, and you will see how much more variety you can bring to your paintings.

Below are a few pictures from last week. We had a very good photographer on the course, so I’m awaiting some much better pictures soon. I hope you enjoy these and that perhaps they will inspire you with your painitng.