I am Lady Gaga…………..

It’s that time of the year again and just the sight of a tax form and a list of figures can turn me to mush. I go completely gaga! Well I am an artist my darlings!

It was bad enough back in dear old ‘Blighty’.  My poor accountant used to sit patiently asking me questions and explaining in words of one syllable what was required and I could feel confusion start to fog my brain and I’d take on the appearance of a rabbit staring into headlights.

Anyway, here I am in France buy cheap kamagra online where of course there seems to be twice, if not thrice as many forms to fill in which, would you believe are all in French, I never understood them when they were in English, and I am once  again that poor bunny not sure which way to jump. However the end is in site and once again I promise faithfully to keep records as I go along and keep tidy files. Oh look there’s a flock of pigs flying over my terrace…………