Provence here I come

Have paint box will travel, but have no laptop, et incommunicado……argh!

Today I am off to do a four and a hald day teachiing session in Joucas near Roussillon, Provence.

Not too bad a journey and as the scenery changes I will begin to get excited at meeting a new group of people, who will be eager to learn and share a painting holiday experience.

As I am prepared to travel to carry out ‘painting holidays’ that makes my service a bit special. As I say, ‘have paintbox will travel’. What I haven’t sorted out though is ‘have computer will travel’, I’m a bit behind in that techi department and having been very committed to keeping my site up to date and blogging, I am going to suffer a case of  ‘cold turkey’ and will not touch a keyboard until Friday. How will I cope?

I’m sure I will be so happily distracted with painting and fantastic new company and scenery it won’t matter. Then on the plus side, I’ll have so many pictures and experiences to write about at the weekend.

Anyway, the change will be great