Discovering and Recovering your Creative Self

I have just started re-reading ‘The Artist’s Way‘ by Julia Cameron.

Reading it some years ago I found it rather heavy going, but today it seems more relevant than it did then and I am relating to it a great deal. For anyone who is embarking on a creative adventure, either for financial gain or pleasure, I would recommend you take a look.

The start of the book takes a look at negative beliefs or limiting beliefs. How quick are we to make disparaging remarks about our creative efforts, damning us before we have even started. Where do these comments in our heads come from? How many buy generic flomax times have I had to work hard to convince a student that what they have produced is good, whereas they are always so quick to find fault and not see the beauty that they have created.

It takes vigilance to overcome such negativity as it has become engrained in the unconscious mind and that critical parent or teacher is swift to stop you before you have even started. By working through a process of daily writings and affirmations, it is possible to shed these damaging core beliefs, to retrain the mind and to embark on a creative journey with self love and approval.