Just Making Marks

Sometimes it isn’t easy to get painting!

Perhaps you don’t feel inspired by anything or the subject you want to tackle is proving to be more difficult than you thought. Whatever the reason it can sometimes help just to get the paints out, some paper and make some marks. After all, that’s what you are doing anyway, and if you relinquish control and thought you may be surprised at what will turn up.

I was feeling a bit stuck, so I  just let my brush be drawn to a colour and then buy zovirax just started to doodle by making marks. Before long some form started to appear and then I started to create a very loose and wet flower painting of an Agapanthus. I have some in bud on my terrace, so the thought must have been in my head to do a painting at some point. So here is part of it. Wet on wet and incorporating watercolour pencil.