Have Paintbox – Will Travel

Ah, Provence in the south of France. And the Languedoc…..where’s that?

Tomorrow sees me returning to Provence again for some more painting with enthusiastic painters. This time for an introductory course in watercolour painting. So I have been busy going back to basics to plan a painting course for ‘newbe’ painters to help them get a quick handle on the subject and hopefully to help them become addicted.

Times seem to be difficult for everyone at the moment. Everyone seems to be holding on to their pounds or euros, so where is my business coming from. Who are the painters, the leisure painters, the sort of people who want to go on a painting holiday and what age group are they in?

These are questions I am constantly asking myself as I market my fledgling business and wait in anticipation for a new clutch of excited chicks to take under my wing and to coax them gently into the warm waters of the painting pool.

Where do they cheap kamagra online uk want to spend their painting holiday and spend their hard earned cash?

You will have heard on my latest radio interview, and if you didn’t hear it why not? Go to http://goo.gl/Jzyk7 to hear the podcast. I was talking about my initiative to go to other places to teach. So far I seem to be more in demand in Provence than here in the Languedoc, maybe because Provence is more well known and historically is a ‘painting and painters’ paradise.

But here in the Languedoc the scenery is equally as stunning and only yesterday I passed a huge field of sunflowers following the sun. The food and wine are also good, there’s some great places to visit and what may be the most important fact  today is……… it is a lot less expensive to stay here.

So come on all you painters, get yourselves over to the the fabulous Languedoc for fun and a relaxing painting holiday, still in the south of France