Radio Interview and Teaching with Feeling

At 10.00am this morning I was embarking on an interview with Katie Mac of  New Perspectives Radio Show broadcasts & podcastsEuradionantes 101.3FM and

The interview will be broadcast next Wednesday June 22  09:45-10:00. To listen live go to

What was it about?

We talked about how I had ended up where I am, what I do and especially about ‘Have Paintbox will Travel’ This is the phrase I have coined to cover the painting holidays where I offer tuition at a variety of different venues in different locations.

We also talked about how important it is in today’s economic climate where competition is tough, to be as flexible as possible and to be able to specify what makes you better than the rest.

Apart from my ability to be mobile, I also stressed to Katie the importance  I place on a sympathetic or rather empathic  teaching technique. The creative spirit is a very cheap kamagra tender thing, something I touched on in yesterday’s blog. Damage may have been inadvertently caused at an early age either by a teacher or parent, so if someone is brave enough to have another go at, for example painting, then they should be treated with the utmost tenderness and patience, enabling them to trust in you and their own abilities.

It all sounds a bit ‘touchy feely’ but I really believe that the approach I take with my students helps them to move forward and give them the pleasure in their work that they deserve. And, if someone is able to take a painting holiday they are investing in themselves as they will come back with more than just a tan, a few photos and a credit card bill, but a skill that will last them a lifetime.