Les joutes de Marseillan

What a great day in Marseillan yesterday. Friends and I had a long and relaxed lunch then watched the jousting on the water.

Sete is well known for this event, but Marseillan, for me, is nearer and less crowded, so that was my day out yesterday and I really enjoyed it.

Apart from nearly getting knocked off the quay by a turning barge and getting splashed by over zealous children jumping into the water it was all good fun.

Each barge had eight oarsmen, a drummer, a piper, various bodies for steering and ballast and of course the brave soul standing at the top of the ladder endeavouring to knock his opponent into the water. Sometimes the postioning wasn’t quite right as the barges came side by side, so that strike would be aborted and off they would row before turning around to have valtrex another go. The oarsmen certainly had the toughest job. There was cheering and clapping as one, or sometimes both fell into the water and the next man moved up the ladder.

But what amused me was an  incident which took place as two opponents, both toppled, were swimming to shore. We are used to see Frenchmen kissing and embracing each other on dry land, but there was something rather bazaar about seeing them doing it in the middle of the water.

The festivities started at about 3.pm but my friends and I left at around 6pm and they were still at it. There was a great atmosphere, the sun shone and I don’t know who won or even if it matters, but I can recommend it and will certainly want to go again next year.