Why the Ripples ?

I love this rippled tin!

I have it on my desk with an assortment of pencils sitting inside it.

On close inspection it would seem that the text and picture were printed onto it before the tin was made. So, I imagine a long sheet of tin going through rollers, being printed and then cut, rippled and formed into a tin for the contents. The thing that intrigues me is, why the ripples?

Maybe it is something historic, perhaps a design which echoes the ripples on the chestnuts? If anyone can shed any light on this I’d love to hear order kamagra from you.

All that aside, observation, as I keep telling my charges, is the name of the game. Often imagining how an object was made can help you draw or paint it in a believable manner.

This painting is a mixture of watercolour paints and watercolour pencils and loads of water. Fun to do and I hope you have fun looking at it. Another picture in my ‘Combining Passions’ series.