Figs in Brown Paper

I love painting figs!

I picked these from a friend’s tree yesterday and didn’t waste any time getting paint and paper into action.

They were the second crop of the year and consequently a bit small, bit they were still bursting with colour and as I picked them, some split open exposing those fabulous juicy interiors.

It was partly the fact that they had split that made me want to give the effect of the brown paper coming out of the the pencilled kamagra 100 online frame area. Then I used the spattering technique to imply the seeds, flavour and juice exploding onto the paper.

Another reason for the watercolour pencilled frame is that I am looking at different ways of presenting watercolour paintings without a traditional mount. The paint area is 450 x 350 cms

Here’s another painting of figs that I did some time ago. I also did one with lttle purple figs, but I don’t seem to have a photo of it. Bother!