They wanted Sunflowers…………

Sunflowers are happy flowers with beautiful uplifting shades of yellow and gold. How can you feel anything but happy painting them.

Apparently it is a myth that they turn their heads to follow the sun. I’m not sure about that, but I used the story to create this triptych. Each painting measures 100 by 50 cms and has a series of glazes over the flowers to enrich the colours and add interest.

The other triptych works in a different way, shape wise, and in this case has some flowers with buy kamagra uk bowed heads implying that they are waiting to be harvested.

The canvasses were selected to fit into the space available, but in both cases each painting could stand alone if the client wanted to have a change.

‘Art to Order’ is something I do for people who have a fixed idea about the colours and design that they want, but have not been able to find something ‘off the peg’ so to speak.

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