2012 – Another Year in Paradise

Every morning I say to myself – ‘another day in paradise, how can I make it better?’ Why? Because I think it is a responsibility as a human being to strive to fulfill your full potential.

It’s not always easy, in fact most of the time just standing still is difficult enough, but to continue to learn, improve and grow as both a person and an artist is my ‘mission statement’ and always will be. So this year is no exception, as I plan new painting events, explore new techniques and meet lots of budding artists who have made it their 2012 resolution to take up a new interest.

I have always said to develop a talent such as painting is a great gift as, no matter how old or infirm you might neurontin become, you’ll always be able to enjoy your painting.

If you can’t manage a full week, how about a short three break stay in Provence to paint the heady and fragrant lavender fields? There are plenty of flights to Avignon and I will sort out the accommodation for you. The dates have yet to be set, but they should be in late June.

So, no matter how gloomy the economy may be where ever you are, maybe you owe it to yourself to learn something new or develop an existing talent to set you in good stead for the years ahead.

I am offering painting holidays of varying lengths and at different locations. So keep an eye on my site and see what magic may be waiting in store for you.