Entering Competitions

Every year I tell myself that I must do more exhibitions and enter some competitions.

Well, here is  an entry for my first competition, ‘Wildlife Artist of the Year 2012’ via the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. It is done in watercolour and measure about 350 x 450 cms.

Whether I feel it is of a quality to win a prize or not is not important ( I tell myself ). I feel there are many other worth while reason for entering kamagra 100 such things.

1 It gives you a brief that you have to adhere to.

2 It gives you a deadline.

3 It helps you to expand your portfolio and encourage you to explore subjects you don’t normally do.

Why don’t you let me know what other reasons you can come up with.

So, here it is and whatever the outcome, I enjoyed doing it and it will go towards a theme that I am exploring. ‘Water’. What are you exploring at the moment?