Enjoy the process of the ‘doing and making’

Sometimes I just don’t feel like painting! What an admission, but maybe it’s not so much that I don’t want to paint, but a desire to so something else, equally creative, is stronger than the desire to paint and must be obeyed.

Hence I have been sorting out treasured scraps of fabric and have been sewing by both machine and by hand.

Left is a small bag I made from a piece of fabric which was with a book by Cath Kitson. Her fabrics have long been admired for there kamagra canadian pharmacy fresh colours and essentially English floral designs.

I also happened to have a large selection of scraps in the same vein and combining those with other bits I was able to make a large bag for carrying knitting, crochet or any other sewing delights.

This bag measures 42 cms wide and measures 50 cms from the ring handle to base. It is lined in a pretty candy pink stripe and the bits of plain blue fabric was cut from some linen trousers which had seen better days.