Painting Poppies – One Step at a Time

I don’t know anyone who isn’t filled with joy when they see a mass of poppies glowing with colour and life.

I’ve painted quite a few pictures of poppies lately and I thought I would share some of my techniques with you. Follow these three easy stages at a time to create your own painting.

Step One

I didn’t use any pencil at all, but if that scares the pants off you, lightly sketch in where you want the flowers to go. Then with some masking fluid paint the outlines of the flowers and strike in some blades of grass. This process will give some definition and highlights and add depth to your painting. Don’t be too precious about this first stage as you will be layering colour on top. Leave this to dry.


Step Two

Start painting in your background colours avoiding the poppy heads where you can. I have used some Ochre, and a very thin Sap green with a dash of Prussian blue to give shade under the heads. Working very wet and letting the colours play together on the paper. At this buy kamagra online cheap stage you can also use your crayons, watercolour of otherwise to add blades of grass. Don’t forget the ‘TIP’ , using sandpaper scrape the watercolour pencil onto a wet area for fun effects. Leave to dry.


Step Three

Now the moment you have been waiting for, adding the red . First rub off your masking fluid. For the poppies I used a mixture or Vermillion and Scarlet and then black for the centres. It’s at this stage you can ‘tweak’ any other areas as you feel.

I recently created a triptych, working as a whole and then cutting it into three and using simple clip frames to display them.


Work very quickly when you are putting on the colours, you’ll be surprised how your work will improve if you trust your instinct and don’t think too much about what’s happening.

Here’s the three pieces on my table ready to go into the frames

So, I hope that has been useful to you. Let me know if you enjoyed this and if you’d like more exercises , maybe even a video tutorial. Happy Painting.