May the Best House Win

Due to television re-scheduling ( beyond out control ) a lot of people missed seeing the episode of ‘May the Best House Win’ which brought the programme to the Languedoc area.

That was a shame for those who took part and were excited about being on television and had told everyone they knew when to tune in.
Such is life in TV land, however the episode is now on You Tube if you want to take a look.

A friend of mine took part and asked me to provide the ‘entertainment’ that is now part of the show. So as an artist and teacher in the area, I designed a simple souvenir painting they could all do, based on the logo of the programme. Unfortunately, if you blink you will miss this contribution, so just for fun here it is.

I did the lettering ( to save time) on each one and after a quick demo, all they had to do was paint the lavender in the pot. Then they were each given a clip frame to put it in and to take away as a souvenir of their experience.