How to Save a Scruffy Mount

Well it isn’t rocket science, but here are a few hints.

Covering a blemish
A slightly darker shade of cream is sponged over the mount

Mounting and framing can be quite expensive, so as I have often said, ‘paint to fit’ if you have a suitable mount and frame loitering about. Or maybe one is slightly grubby or has had serious corner damage. Well use your imagination.

You can just about make out the sponging I did on this cream mount (left). It had the tiniest of mark on it, but it was still there. So I mixed some watercolour paint, a little darker than the mount colour and sponged it all over. When you do this, wet the sponge first, ring it out well and apply the paint. Make sure you twist and turn the sponge to avoid making a pattern. So now it look like one of those mottled mounts. Rather nice.

These two painting have no mounts at all. I thought I try and experiment. ‘The Salad’, painting show ingredients, so they have been divided up and allowed to overlap. The same with the ‘Figs in Brown Paper’. Here they are bursting with flavour out onto the paper

Often I am the happy recipient of old frames and sometimes they have mounts. This little black frame had a very sad mount, so I used sheet music to give a new lease of life and a ‘Red Hot Chili’.

You could use wrapping paper too. Anything is possible with a liitle imagination. So have fun being even more creative.

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Old sheet music cut and stuck over the old mount.
A very casual approach, but it works in the bleached frame.
Bursting with flavour out of the ruled border.