Beginners Course Make Over.

I launched a ‘Watercolour Course for Absolute Beginners’ which spread over six weeks. But now I’ve decided to condense it.

Why? Because six weeks seemed to be the length of other courses I’d seen online. But that doesn’t mean they all have to be like that, so I’ve divided it into three modules.

Why not make it available in one lump? Because I want to be able to give feedback and encouragement after each section and that takes time. The tuition I give is important to me as well as the student. I want to make buying kamagra online sure that I give my best so they can do their best. I want to make sure they understand what I am explaining and grow in confidence to try different things and really enjoy painting.

So after a lot more work and time it is now ready and people are starting to enroll.

So if you can’t get to a class for whatever reason this is for you. You will even be able to have contact with the tutor and other painters.

So what are you waiting for click or copy and paste