Learning to Paint can Change your Life.

I have just received the most delightful e mail from a recent client who had never picked up a paintbrush in her life, until she came on one of my painting holidays.

Now I know why I love the teaching part of my art as well as the doing.

Here is a section from her mail which also explains why I often tell my students that ‘I am teaching you to look as much as how to paint.’

‘But you have truly awakened a devil in me, for as I sit here on our balcony overlooking the Plage la Cavaliere, just outside Le Lavandou, I find myself looking at the gentle waves hitting the sand, buy kamagra uk cheap with the water clear, initially darker brown over the wet sand, then pale turquoise becoming darker, and with a line of demarcation to what is likely some kind of marine blue!!  Oh dear!  (And I must study the names of the colours so that I can be more precise!!)  The sky on the horizon nearly mirrors the very pale yellowy blue climbing to cerulean!  Do you see what you have done to me?!  Nothing will ever look the same again!  And thank you for that!’

So my creative little chums, take care out there when you start painting, you may never be the same again.

Thank you very much.