I’ve probably said it before, but sometimes I want to paint but don’t know what to do.


Lemon on Moroccan Plate

So that is when I look in the fridge or larder to see if there’s something to inspire me.

So here is a cut lemon on a plate. The blue and yellow colours work well together. The plate is one from a set I brought back from Tunisia many years ago, and they have appeared before in some of my paintings, because the colours are so strong and the pattern simple.

Oranges and lemons








It’s not until you look kamagra uk pharmacy really closely at things that you realize all is not what you expect. The flesh of the cut lemon looked rather drab, not what I expected. I think it was because it was over ripe. But by leaving plenty of white paper highlights it enhanced the effect of being really juicy. So there you go. Always look long and hard before you paint.

There is an ‘error’, for want of a better word, in the painting on the right. I wonder if anyone can tell me what it it?