October Visitors

The grape harvest is nearly over but we have still had beautiful sunny days here in Languedoc, good enough to take my holiday painters out and about.

My group worked hard this week and produced some splendid work, from boats to buildings, lilies to pomegranates the variety of subject matter was matched by the variety of styles and for some it was work which took them out of their comfort zone.  That can be scary stuff but after all, if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get the same results. In fact something very useful came out of one session with this group and that was, brush skills.

Starter BrushesIt was amazing to see how just by changing how they buy kamagra uk online held or used their brushes dramatically lifted the quality of their work. Therefore I have decided to do an online course to cover just that. It will be ‘Brushes and Making Marks‘ and will be available soon through the Udemy platform.

Just think about it. How often have you heard that a tennis player or golfer has had a new coach and has consequently changed their grip or action to improve their game? Well, I see no reason why it shouldn’t be the same with an artist with their brushes.

Now that my group has gone it’s back to updating my websites, planning for exhibitions and events before Christmas and creating my online courses. It’s all go!