Camping La Yole is getting Busy

A new hobby has been found
A new hobby has been found

Things are really starting to heat up at in more ways than one.

Not only are the temperatures rising but so are the numbers of residents enjoying the south of France lifestyle as well as all the activities on offer.

This delightful French lady had never painted before, but with some guidance and encouragement she produced this. If only I was as good at taking pictures as teaching I’d have positioned the tree she was painting in the photograph rather than the fire cheap kamagra uk online hose !

Anyway, the fact is that Libby and I are not only keeping the visitors at the campsite entertained, but we are also helping them get in touch with their creativity and find new hobbies.

Another lady who attended the watercolour painting session, was so thrilled with what she had done, she came again and said she would buy some paints when she got home.

So there you go. Satisfied customers in more ways than one.

Now I must get to grips with taking pictures…..maybe there is a workshop at the site?