On Line student exhibits in France

Exhibition First for Andrea.

It’s great when I get course feedback from a student, even better when I get to meet them in person and better still when I get to see how far they have come on their creative journey.

Here is one such lady.

Udemy were thrilled to hear our story and told other instructors of how one of my students turned out to have a home not far from where I live in France. So not only did we meet up, she also buy kamagra cheap online started having tuition with me and joined in on one of my painting holidays.

Then, just this weekend I went along to see her first exhibition. Congratulations and ‘how did you make that wave look so real as it lapped on the beach?’ I was very impressed.

Has anyone else on one of my courses got any interesting stories about their creative journey? I’d love to hear about them.

Course number six coming out very soon.

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