Almond blossom in full flower

Almond blossomIt may only be February 22, but the almond blossom has been in bloom for a couple of weeks now.

The mimosa has been and gone and there are irises coming out in patches and of course there is always a rose or a geranium in a sheltered spot, refusing to give in to the winter and giving us a flash of colour to brighten our day.

I suppose it’s the time of the year, we are on the cusp of winter and spring and with a full moon upon us the weather is a bit changeable to say the least.

Yesterday you could buy cheap kamagra india have been forgiven for packing the sun tan lotion and the flip flops and heading to the beach, which a lot of people did. But today as I went on my walk, it was overcast with intermittent showers. We are in the low sixties temperature wise and we certainly need the rain and as it is six weeks until my first painting holiday visitors arrive, perhaps the weather is sorting itself out in time for their arrival, to be met with sunshine and spring flowers in abundance. Fingers crossed.