Relax and paint….as good as meditation and you produce something beautiful

meditation 1It’s true, once you get stuck into your painting, you are as good as meditating.

All your worries just disappear as you concentrate on the process of the doing. It is not the result that is the most important thing it is the process. You often hear people say that ‘life is a journey and not a destination’ it is like that with painting. It’s only natural to want to do ‘your best’ but it is even more important to remember that it not a competetion and it should be an enjoyable process for you, and you alone.

You may well have seen the abundance of  ‘colouring in books’ for adults, buying doxycycline that is simply because as children can get lost in their colouring in, so can adults. It is a soothing process as well as creative.

Painting , especially with watercolours, is a great hobby.

You don’t need much equipment and materials.

It needn’t be expensive.

And you don’t need loads of space.

It’s simply a creative activity you can do any time and it’s something that can give you pleasure and relaxation all through your life.

So, come and join me here in the south of France and learn how to paint, relax and change your life. I hope to see you in April, love Nicola