We don’t know what we don’t know !

11275856-confused-emoticonWe don’t know what we don’t know !

That phrase came up this morning at a very helpful Twitter workshops arranged by La Franglaise and Chillis and spice. A workshop to help those of us running a business cope with the ever expanding social media marketing we have to engage in.

That aside, the phrase put in mind situations when I have been teaching someone to paint. I’ve been doing it forever, one way or another, and as with anyone else where a task is automatic, you forget that a novice ordering valtrex might find the simplest task or phrase utterly bewildering.

I had such an incident with one of my students who has joined one of my painting courses on line via the teaching platform Udemy.

She was having problems with getting enough paint or water onto the paper, but basically it prompted me to make a video explaining and demonstrating exactly how the paints react with the water. Here it is for you to see. After all, I don’t know what you don’t know, do I ?