Six Ladies with Hidden Talents

So many people say ‘I can’t paint’ or ‘my teacher said I didn’t have the talent.’ But after a while with me, as I start to tease out their shy creative spirit with some coaxing, patience,clear explanations and understanding that gradually they start to blossom.

Glass of fizzThese ladies produced some amazing work and were delighted with what they managed to do. There were a few confused looks and frustrated sighs along the way, but it didn’t kamagra australia take long before the penny dropped and they were no longer being held back by their limiting beliefs.

It’s so exciting for me to see how they develop from the first hesitant pencil or brush strokes to splashing the water and paint about and becoming brave and adventurous with their painting.

Thanks ladies, keep it up and see you again soon.

The next paint holiday here in the Languedoc region is May 9 – 13


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