More Happy Customers

A big ‘well done’ to some recent painting holiday clients who produced some super work.

Barbara and Richard were almost complete beginners, but how they blossomed.

They were used to copying other paintings that tutors produced but they had never been made aware of the techniques which would make there paintings more interesting. Also they had never really had it explained to them how their paints worked.

So to keep them a little in their comfort zone I let them select one of my paintings which they would like to copy, but not before we had spent two days buy kamagra us learning about their paints. A well worth exercise which has given then the confidence to be able to look at something and create a painting on their own…….without me being by their side. Although I’m sure some of my phrases will pop into their heads as they paint. Keep it up and I hope to see you again.

Click on the YouTube logo to see their interview, and next are the two paintings they did. Not bad eh?  EG Udemy   EG 3 Udemy  Playtime