It’s nice to know you have helped someone

I have come to teaching late in life and am discovering how satisfying it can be when you realise that you have helped someone.

This happens quite a lot when I am teaching one-2-one and on the painting holidays. Yet teaching via the internet, which by it’s nature it remote, I can sometimes wonder if anyone is out there as students are sometimes shy about sharing their creative babies with the rest of us. But when I do make contact and get joyful reviews it makes it all worth while.

I recently launched a workshop aimed at getting the timid to start painting.

For what ever reason some want to but can’t get started. I spent a lot of time thinking about it, but comments from one of my other courses gave me the clue and I created ‘Paint with your intuition & feel the healing, creative flow.’ I just presented the chance for people to PLAY. No expectations, NO end in mind and even NO talent required just go with the flow. And they did.

I started getting some great feedback, and then there was one review which brought tears to my eyes and made all the work worthwhile. I have made a difference.


”I needed this. Got very emotional in the first few minutes thinking about several occasions in my youth/childhood when some authority figure took over my creation and changed it to suit themselves. I had no idea how much of an impact these events had on me, but this course seems to be bringing it all back to the surface. Thank you!”

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