A change of scene can give you space in your head.

I have been house and cat sitting and find being away from my usual environment is both relaxing and creates a different space for me to be creative in.

At home I would be fretting about the building site which is currently my house and would be distracted by a list of chores longer than the longest paint brush. But here in this beautiful space I have been able to give myself permission to read, research, play with my paints and come up with new ideas. Mind you I can’t be completely ‘idle’ as I have made new contacts, been playing tourist and taking photos and will be using the opportunity to teach a class of budding cheap kamagra uk artists while I am here.

One thing that has been interesting is the cat. I lost my 20 year old girl this year and I thought it would be nice to have some feline company again, a cat fix so to speak. He’s called Pou, short for poubelle as that is where he was found as a kitten. He is very sociable and affectionate and I am enjoying his company. I’d rather talk to something with a pulse than walls any day. But I find it will also be nice to love and leave him behind. Thanks Pou.

Pou 2