Latest watercolour painting course, via the internet goes LIVE

Technology doesn’t always make our lives easier!

I do a lot of teaching via the internet, demonstrating how to paint with watercolours etc. Often it works well, but when it doesn’t……frustration overload! Especially when you are relying on, WiFi connections, another website, world time zones….and whether there is an ‘r’ in the month!  You sense my mood ?

Most of the time I manage to roll with the punches, but these last few days I have needed to either breathe very deeply or kill someone. Fortunately I took  the middle road and poured a glass of wine.

So when I pressed the button to publish my latest painting process via the platform on Thursday August 25, and received an e mail on August 26 telling me it was live in the market order cheap kamagra place I was a happy girl, especially as there was a special promotion involved due to end at the end of the month. However it was not live!  Could I make contact with anyone? No, and the promotion of this new painting was very time sensitive. I’ll cut to the chase.

A company that is supposedly number one in it’s field, operates only via the internet, ( even if it is based in San Fransisco, USA)  and has both instructors and students in every timezone…………..should be more effective. Get a grip Udemy.

Ok, rant over. Here’s the darling little painting process you can enjoy for just $10. Copy and paste the code below. And share you work with me. Thanks

Udemy image