I have a logo

I have been thinking for some time that it would be a good idea to have a logo or symbol which would become a recognisable symbol of what I do.

So here it is.

painting_with_nicola_with_transparent_FINALI gave a lot of thought to what sort of image I could include in my logo. A decided to go for a painters palette.

This sort of palette is traditionally used for oil paints rather than watercolour paints, but it is an easily recognisable image to do with artists and painting. So that’s why I decided to stick with it in my design.

I hold my painting cipro holidays in France but as I teach on line and have students from all over the world it also seemed a good idea to include a map of the world and I favoured the old school atlas type of image for my background.

Why painting with Nicola? Well that is what I decided to call my Facebook page for my group of creative chums and as my students look over my shoulder as I do demonstrations, they are effectively painting with me.

I hope people like it.