My latest course has captions.

It’s available now, my latest course…..and it has captions.

Course image

Painting trees in a landscape can be a challenge. Getting the right shape, colours and type can give you a painting headache.

Not anymore. My simple and clear video demonstrations will have you painting trees with confidence.

I have created a portfolio for you to use as a basic guide to tree painting. I have chosen common trees, both deciduous and evergreen and some exotic varieties too. Even if you don’r have exactly the same trees in your part if the world, my selection can be easily adapted to suit what you do have. Following my videos will soon have you painting trees at different times of the year, singly or in groups.

I have deliberately kept the colour palette simple for your convenience, but of course use what you have and what you see around you.

Painting these, or any other little samples, is so beneficial for your painting skills  as they are not intimidating. AND remember if you can get the shape and the colour right, then you should end up with a believable tree, so relax and just enjoy the process of the doing.