Ask Nicola – your chance to join me and others in my FIRST webinar.

This is something very new and very exciting that I am launching this month. I am holding a webinar on Wednesday February 28 where I will be answering questions about watercolour painting.

It’s the beginning of a three month trial

Here’s what we will be doing together

  • Ask Nicola: Join me in a monthly video webinar where you can ask your question about whatever’s bugging you with your watercolour painting.
  • Painting Challenge: Each month I will suggest a subject and then you can paint your interpretation. This will be a great help to those of you who sometimes feel stuck and don’t know what to paint.
  • A space: Where you will be able to share the work we do together.
  • PLUS: There will be regular workshops covering particular techniques.

For $10 per month you will be able to join in and benefit from the above events which will ONLY be available to our group. Halfway through I will ask you for your feedback.

So If you think this will greatly move you forward on your painting adventure join now and I’ll look forward to seeing you in the first webinar on Wednesday February 28 at 7pm (GMT), login details to follow. The size of the group will be limited. Below is the link to take you to where I will be staging these events.

Nicola’s Studio

P.S. I recorded a test video which you can watch to get an idea of how it will work. It’s on my You Tube channel.