Arc de Triomphe, here I come.

Day five, Thursday April 19.
I don’t know why but in all the visits, and the time I lived near Paris previously, I had never been to the top of the Arc de Triomphe, so it was time to put that right, over all 200 steps of it.

Why? Because I want to see that view, the one from the centre of l’Etoile that leads you down to the Jardin des Tuileries on one side and into La Defense on the other. It may not be the highest monument or building but I remember well the first time I saw it. As I came up from the Metro to be greeted by this solid and reassuring structure set against a dazzling blue sky. Set within a star,with nothing else around it to detract from it’s grandeur. One of those jaw dropping moments which stay with you.

As I have explained I am breaking in a new ‘smartphone,’ or it’s breaking me in I’m not sure which, so some of my pictures appear to be somewhere else, I not not where, so here is what I do have. I also took Henri with me. He is a very cute bear who also paints, but has no head for heights so waited for me at a nearby bar.