Cat’s and a diverse community in Montreuil.

Day 2, Monday April 16

After a long day getting to my Paris residence, I decided to stay local for my first day. So I just walked and walked around Montreuil, had lunch and then walked some more, finally returning not too late to make sure my ‘charges’ were ok. I am doing this via the site I joined and am really pleased I did. So far I can highly recommend it. I am already thinking about where I would like to go next !

As a suburb, just outside the Paris peripherique it is well placed, really just 10 to 15 minutes by Metro to the center, such as L’Etoile. I get the feeling of a village community with a lot of events and where everyone seems to know each other. The map shows you where I am. Not bad eh.

A minutes walk and I am in a street full of shops and cafes, Chinese, Indian, Arabic, fascinating vegetables to buy that I would need a book to know what to do with them. But I feel very safe and am enjoying the wonderful colours and dress of the African women, the tantalizing smells of food, and the fact that only the second time I stopped for coffee at a cafe with brightly coloured table and chairs, monsieur had remembered how I wanted my coffee.

It is known as a bit of an artist community with plenty of street art, maybe that’s why I feel at home. It also used to be an area outside of Paris where peaches were grown and if you wish there is a walk to take along the old route. For now though the delights of Paris beckon.

My coffee stop.
Art or Graffiti