Green space, plenty of flowers and shrubs and painting ‘en plein air.’

Day six, Friday April 20.

After the rigours of climbing to the top of the Arc de Triomphe yesterday, jostling with the increasing amount of tourists and the heat, today I needed green, and lots of it. So It was back to Vincennes and to explore le Parc Floral de Paris and what an excellent decision it was. A massive place with specimen plants, lakes, woodlands and formal beds. Divine, just what I needed.

A plan of the parc, only at the entrance

I managed to get there fairly early and had just sat myself on a shaded bench and was taken by a clump of trees with fresh Spring leaves and sunlight shimmering through. So I decided to get my paint box out and do some watercolour sketching. Now I have often said, even confessed to my dislike of the exercise. I’m an artist, I’m supposed to do it ! Anyway, I don’t know what came over me but I decided not only to do this in public but to film myself going through the process at the same time. Maybe the sudden heat had affected me but it seemed I was about to suffer for my art. possibly in m ore way than one.

The video was fairly successful and the painting fun, so it will be posted somewhere.

I thoroughly enjoyed my further explorations of the parc, a great place indeed and as the day wore on more and m ore people arrived. The only problem I had then was finding my way out. It was, as the French say mal indiqué, but I got there in the end. A great place to spend the day.

Superb Bonsai collection