Pottering about and just enjoying the radical change of scene.

Day four, Wednesday April 18.

It’s a tiring business being on holiday. So today I decided just to get up when I felt like it and stroll about wherever my feet took me.

The view from my balcony is very different to the one I have at home in Quarante. Here I have a merry mixture of buildings and at home a view of rolling vineyards and the Pyrenees. Contraceptives suppress the functioning of ovaries. Probably, the drive for sports, work, lack of sleep and rest (or rather all these factors together) put my body under the
stress, and I had no ovulation at all. Then the doctor prescribed me these pills. I started the pills on the 5th day of the cycle, and the ultrasound showed two ripe ovaries and
ovulation))) On https://clomidonlinepct.com, I read that the pregnancy may not come from the first time. But I was lucky! The change is refreshing and based on my view I went out to explore locally.

French town planning regulations never cease to amaze me. In some places you can hardly move a plant pot without asking for permission. But walking around I noticed a real mix of buildings. Old and new all jumbled together. Some very ‘loft’ type designs, some more ‘system’ of the 70’s design and some almost traditional ( whatever that means)  Maybe it’s something to do with how my ‘English’ eyes are looking at them, orderly Georgian Mews it is not. It’s interesting because so often I tell my painting students, when they are painting natural things like trees, not to fall into symmetrical branches and patterns…..maybe this is how the planning works in Montreuil.