Pottering about and just enjoying the radical change of scene.

Day four, Wednesday April 18.

It’s a tiring business being on holiday. So today I decided just to get up when I felt like it and stroll about wherever my feet took me.

The view from my balcony is very different to the one I have at home in Quarante. Here I have a merry mixture of buildings and at home a view of rolling vineyards and the Pyrenees. The change is refreshing and based on my view I went out to explore locally.

French town planning regulations never cease to amaze me. In some places you can hardly move a plant pot without asking for permission. But walking around I noticed a real mix of buildings. Old and new all jumbled together. Some very ‘loft’ type designs, some more ‘system’ of the 70’s design and some almost traditional ( whatever that means)  Maybe it’s something to do with how my ‘English’ eyes are looking at them, orderly Georgian Mews it is not. It’s interesting because so often I tell my painting students, when they are painting natural things like trees, not to fall into symmetrical branches and patterns…..maybe this is how the planning works in Montreuil.