Smartphones, multi-tasking and just getting on with it.

The visual outcome of my visit to Parc Floral de Paris.

A while ago I confessed that I did not like painting ‘en plein air.’  Well one of the objectives of my sojourn in Paris was to do more sketching (call it urban if you must) and painting outdoors.

So after a happy but tiring day previously I went to this amazing park and thought I would see if I could make a video using my new ‘all singing and dancing’ smartphone. This is my latest confession that I have only just reluctantly joined the 21st century by acquiring a smartphone. All very new, there’s nothing like a challenge, painting, narrating and filming at the same time. You have to laugh though, I had little problem making this video but answering a simple phone call alluded me. Nobody had informed me of ‘the rule of swipe.’

There I was sitting at a Parisian pavement cafe and my phone rings, how cool am I? Alas this image was soon shattered when I realized I didn’t know how to answer it! The little green phone symbol did not respond to being poked and prodded at!

Painting’en plein air’

Anyway, back to the painting bit. Maybe it was the location or the weather but I really enjoyed doing this little painting and I hope you enjoy the video and will take the message contained within to heart.

My intention was to just capture the essence of the scene, not to faithfully reproduce what was in front of me, but to play, paint and have fun making the marks.

Often my students tell me that they are too shy and self conscious about their painting to do it in public. Well no one showed the least bit of interest while I was there, I just sat there and painted away as people walked past. So just get out there, stop making excuses and get on with it. Here endeth the lesson. Enjoy your painting.