An unplanned Artist’s Adventure starting in Juan les Pins.

I have a friend Diane Darling, yes that is her real name, and she is a speaker on ‘Networking’ and other communication skills. We became acquainted a few years ago by collaborating on a course via an on line teaching platform and became friends. As luck would have it she secured a booking to speak at a cardiologist conference near Nice and we had thought it would be a great opportunity to get together and ‘brain storm’ a few ideas and to help each other out with the variety of technical problems we both have to surmount. The thought was that she would come to visit me after her conference.

However, if you look at the map below, I live near Beziers on the left and Nice is on the right. And it turned out that she would be staying in Juan les Pins near Antibes, a playground for the jet setters of the world and did I want to go and meet her there? After rattling the piggy bank it seemed unlikely. But the delightful Hotel Helios said that I could share her room for a modest sum. Hmm, more likely? So I checked the train timetable and cost et voila I was going on another Artist’s Adventure.

In my next thrilling installment dear readers, I will be sharing more of my discoveries and photos. And, in case you don’t know the area I was in, it was at times home to Henri Matisse, Vincent van Gogh and  Pablo Piccaso.

not too far from where I live in France. The plan was that she would complete her cont