Arles, Van Gogh and Maison Rucher

The journey continued to Arles a UNESCO site set on the mighty Rhone river. Vincent van Gogh spent a year here and had a very productive time including painting the image below.

As is often the case with places on the river one side is the old part and the new is on the other. Exploring the old town was delightful with many Roman remains, charming squares and of course restaurants and shops.

One shop which caught my eye was Maison RucherAfter spending more than 20 years in Paris alongside couturiers and fashion designers, Christophe Campagnola trained in the magic of beekeeping in a small apiary school in the South and set up his house on the borders of Provence and of the Camargue. Here you find the iconic bee symbol, which appears on his clothing, beeswax candles and home decorations. He is doing all he can in the region to raise awareness of the plight of the bees.

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Also the car park was a lot more forgiving than the one in Vence.