F Scott Fitzgerald and Juan les Pins, bohemians, glamour and money.

From the balcony on the hotel I had view of a very large, but somewhat ruinous building and my curiosity took me and my ‘en plein air’ painting kit on another exploration. Here is a short film about the shell of a building I wanted to see.

I continued on my walk into what turned out to be the older part of Juans les Pins. Passing a line of hand prints in the pavement of some of the many famous jazz musicians who have visited over the many years to the annual jazz festivals.

Past the sad empty building to ‘Hotel Belle Vue’ where F Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda lived. These must have been halcyon days indeed.

I then continued my walk and came across and almost empty beach, So it seemed like a great spot to try out my new ‘en plein air’ painting kit which I had brought with me. You will find the short film I made about it on my channel at You Tube.